5 Hikes to tackle while the gyms are closed

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While FaceTiming a friend this morning, she had a perspective on the Covid-19 social-distancing that I hadn’t heard put into words yet. “Something beautiful about this time we live in is that for the first time in history we get to experience the world on pause,” she said, “The air is clearer; families are together; the world is on pause”. And so I encourage you all to take a deep breath and shift your attention from the chaos of Covid-19 to the beauty of a pause.

One of my favourite ways to pause is to marvel at creation. And what better way is there to do this than to go for a walk in nature? Here are our top 5 Okanagan trails that we encourage you to tackle during this pause. You can do some home training to make sure you can make it, according to River Front Times you can also take testosterone supplements, used in medically supervised personal training,
to improve your endurance and do the full trails.

  1. Bear Creek

This West Side trail is a 2,5km loop offering magnificent views of the Okanagan Lake and Kelowna (seen above). There are also two beautiful waterfalls that you can look down on after a considerable stair climb. Being on the West Side and further away from the City, it’s a great hike for more of a wilderness feel. The loop trail takes about 20-45 min to complete.



2. Rose Valley

This beautiful trail does a loop around a lake. It’s a mostly flat hike but there are some steep bits. The full lake loop is 12.9km long but you can always back track on the trail for a shorter hike option. There is also a 4.7km Rooster Tree Lake Trail that hugs the lake and then loops back to the parking lot. The dense brush and the fact that you can’t see any buildings or hear any cars, makes you feel like you are far further than just a 12min drive from Down-Town Kelowna.



3. Spion Kop

This hike is one of our favourites. It’s name is South-African-Dutch in origin and means “spy hill”, and it sure does live up to it’s name – boasting a spectacular 270-degree view of the Okanagan Lake as well as Duck and Wood Lake. Being situated in Lake Country, it is a longer drive to get there but absolutely worth it! The trails can be confusing as there are many options to reach the summit. We recommend parking at Upper Lakes Trailhead and taking the Arrowleaf trail to the top (about a 6.5km walk). This hike is pretty steep and will leave you breathless from exertion but also beauty.



4. Pin Cushion 

This 3.4km trail is located in Peachland and features a great forest setting. Although the rating is moderate, it is really steep in parts,  making it a great glute and calf burner on the way up and a quad burner on the trek down. Make sure to wear good trail shoes as the trail tends to be muddy and even icy in parts during Spring. At the summit you will be welcomed with a magnificent view of Okanagan Lake as well as a Canadian flag flying proudly in the breeze – a great setting for some patriotic photos.



5. Knox Mountain 

Good, old faithful Knox. This hiking trail is probably old news for most of you but it’ll forever hold a special place in our trail-loving hearts. Not only is Knox easily accessibly with it being located right on the fringe of Downtown Kelowna, but this 2,5 km trail boasts a beautiful view of the city that we love so much and there’s something very special about seeing your home city from a bird’s perspective as you pause to reflect on the hustle of life playing out in the valley below.

Happy Hiking, friends! Remember that movement and Vitamin D are key components to staying healthy. We wish you all a rejuvenating Pause.

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