Flying Healthy According to the Best Medical Intuitives

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The festive season is upon us. And along with it, every second person is trying to shop for an over-priced jam-packed flight all in the name of family reunion and Christmas spirit. Here at Aligned Chiropractic we are all about family and all about jet-setting. But there’s one thing that we are not all about and that is health that takes a back-seat all in the name of travel.  Here are the top 5 tips to flying healthy during this festive season.

  1. Boost your immune system. Zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D and colloidal silver are a few of our go-to when we know that our bodies need a helping hand during times of increased stress, decreased sleep, and shared recycled cabin air. Another favourite go-to is a shot of some good, organic tumeric-ginger-lemon juice. Pucker up and down that goodness!
  2.  Pack those snacks! You don’t need us to tell you that airplane food generally isn’t all that healthy. Packing healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruit, veggie sticks and raw cheese will not only boost your nutrient intake on the flight, but if you’re filling up on these healthy snacks then you’ll be less tempted to have that 4th Mars Bar at midnight when the rest of your family is sleeping and the flight attendant comes with sugary treats.
  3. Get up and move! Sitting for long periods of time may cause your blood to pool in your lower extremities and increase your risk of clot formation, strokes and heart attacks. Sitting is also the worst position for your spine as it places tremendous pressure on your intervertebral discs. Regular walks around the cabin are great for promoting blood circulation and discs health. But why stop there? If you’re quite ok to be a bit goofy like your docs at Aligned are when they travel, then include some lunges, deep squats and slow vertebral rolls at the back of the plane.
  4. Hydrate! This is very important for supporting blood circulation and preventing clot formation, strokes and heart attacks, as well as keeping those intervertebral discs plump and happy. PLUS, believe it or not, staying hydrated helps you to sleep better! Have you just never been able to sleep on flights? Try hydrating and see if that helps. Incorporating hydration into your cabin walks is a great way to stack these healthy flying habits together.
  5. Get adjusted! Whether you’re traveling to the next city or the next continent, flying places stress on your spine, which usually results in back pain. Not only are you sitting for long periods of time but you are also lifting, bending and twisting – whether that is during packing, checking in or collecting your luggage. Getting adjusted before your trip allows you to embark on your journey with an interference-free nervous system, and making sure your chiropractor is the first person you see when you arrive back home allows you to kick back into your normal routine of life with an aligned spine and a body that is functioning at its full potential. Not to mention a peak performing nervous system to start tackling those new years resolutions with!

Merry Christmas to you all and may this season be a beautiful and a healthy one.

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