Bone Broth

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Bone broth doesn’t have to be complicated to give you amazing benefits.  I make it regularly and it practically cooks itself while we are sleeping.

Here is our simple preparation mode:

-bones of a grass fed or wild animal (bison, beef, lamb, elk, turkey, chicken, any will do!)

-1 bunch of parsley or other fresh herbs

-1 onion cut in half

-filtered water

-1/2 tsp salt and pepper




-Place bones and onions, seasoning and herbs in a large crock pot.

-Fill with water until bones are fully immersed but not floating.

-Bring to a boil by places the crock on high.

-After an hour, turn the crock to low and let the broth cook for 6-12 hours.  I usually do this overnight.

-Strain and let broth cool, a jello like film will form on the top.

*you can add cooked vegetables and meat to make a tasty soup, or just drink it plain.

*store in fridge.




Dr. Michael Banman
Husband, father to 6 kids from the same wife and chiropractor to the stars
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