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We had actually been seeing a couple of different chiropractors for a long time, we’ve been seeing chiropractors for forever, but I never really felt like we were actually improving.  It always kind of felt like it was pointless solutions.  Kind of fix whatever pain was in place, but this is the first time we’ve ever had the traction.  It had always been just crack and then you’re gone.  And this is the first time we really feel like we’re making long term changes.

It use to be that my back would go out and would go out for a few days from making a sandwich.  I remember I was tying my shoes one day and my back was out for days.  So that doesn’t happen any more.  So we feel like we’re actually fixing things.

(Arlene) I use to get a lot of headaches, everyday and now I don’t.  I maybe get one or two headaches a month now instead of everyday.

I feel like my posture is improving.  I feel like a lot better over all, myself!




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