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For us the health journey really started five years ago.  For me I thought I was healthy until I joined this office and realized otherwise.  Just being here taught me so much.  I learned way more about nutrition that I had never known.  Fats are good for you!  Who knew?!  High intensity exercise, less actual time, more intense work outs, way better for you.  Who knew.


The real main reason that we’re in love with Aligned Chiropractic is because we realized shortly after starting here that my spine was in really bad shape and it has probably been responsible for a miscarriage I had.  If we had not known that we wouldn’t be where we are now, which is pregnant with twins and due in two weeks and two days!   That’s been about a two year journey, but because of that and knowing the state of my spine and knowing how my nervous system connects to all of my organ health, that journey was a lot shorter than it otherwise would have been.  So we definitely credit God and Dr. Mike for the fact that we are here and expecting twins and can’t wait to bring our boys in to get adjusted!




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