Spines of Aligned: Ryan – Part 2

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Dr. Mike got me through a bad back injury two years ago and getting adjusted has been a game changer.  Dr. Mike explained it best when he said my spine is thought of as a cable that is full of wires and all those wires go to every organ and everything that’s in your body.  If that cable gets kinked then that signal goes down.  So what I’m trying to do is allow those signals to move more freely.  I want my spine to move as one instead of having a kink here or a kink there.

Being in the personal training and Crossfit industry I’m constantly lifting something or displaying how to lift something.  It’s a healthier spine I need in order to achieve that.  For me to be here in general it’s just daily maintenance.  I just love that I feel better after getting adjusted.  For instance, today I’m tighter in my upper thoracic and I need to have some work done on that.

The one thing that I try to preach in training is posture.  Posture is everything.  With poor posture it leads to poor breathing patterns, back problems, whether it’s upper or neck.  It’s about the signals that are going down your nervous system.  If someone is having issues with their shoulders, are you rotating forward in your posture?  Posture is everything and muscles can only hold back so much.  Your skeletal system is your base.



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