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“Before I came I was getting adjusted here and there, but when I started coming to Aligned consistently I found it was the best.  Here you get traction and vibration plates, which has made a big difference for me.  Before I was coming I couldn’t go to sleep at night because of my shoulder.  I would pop a bunch of Robax and Advil.  A month in to treatment I was able to sleep at night without taking anything!”

I hear you’re into equestrian sports.  How does getting adjusted help you in this area?

“If you’re not aligned your horse won’t be aligned.  She (my horse) gets chiropractic as well.   If the horse’s spine is out somewhere the rider also has the same thing out.”

Is it the horse that throws off the rider or the rider that throws off the horse?

I don’t know.  I don’t know which one it is.  I just know they usually line up.  I just know that if I’m crooked the horse will be crooked or if I’m not lined up the horse won’t be lined up and it will make the horse uncomfortable.  It causes a lot of bucking issues and bad behavior issues when they don’t get adjusted.  When I started getting her adjusted she just got better and better and started having a better over all attitude.

What would you say to someone who has never tried chiropractic?  

Definitely look at your quality of life right now and if there is anything that isn’t perfect or not what you want it to be; it’s worth giving it a shot.    I’ve heard crazy things happen with chiropractic; babies getting over colic, people getting over seizures and stuff like that.  There’s a chance it can help you out.  It’s life changing to get all of your nerves working properly without worrying for constant nerve pain and for your quality of life to go up.

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