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I could not lift my arm to throw a piece of garbage from my desk.  I couldn’t exercise; riding a bike or go to the gym anymore because there was so much pain in my arm, and it was starting to come into this one (the other arm) too.  I had no mobility plus a lot of pain.

I ended up going to my doctor and complaining and he sent me to physio therapy.  I was going three times a week and I had about three months of that kind of therapy and it just got worse, worse, worse.

I was walking into Natures Fare and Dr. Mike was doing a demo and I thought I’ve got to try this!  I came into the office the next week he took some x-rays and Dr. Mike determined the issues I was experiencing were actually coming from my neck, not my arms.  I would say at the end of two weeks of getting adjusted regularly I had mobility.  By the end of the month I was going back to the gym.  What keeps me coming back is I continue to see improvement and I’m feeling improvement.

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