Olympic-Sized Stress

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Four years ago Mike was managing Olympic-sized stress in London working with the Team USA wrestlers at the London Olympic games, so he’s got lots of fun memories from that experience.

Mike in London 2012

Mike in London 2012

Those athletes manage the pressure and stress of the hard moments so well.  They make all their decisions based on what will move them forward in their quest for gold.

I, on the other hand, can totally relate to Aly Raisman‘s (US Olympic gymnast) parents.  Check out this funny video of them watching their daughter compete.


Their body language and facial expressions are hilarious during their daughter’s movements.  Oh man, isn’t that just how it feels?  Stress takes over.  It makes us tense and preoccupies our thoughts and robs us of the simple pleasures in life.  Aly’s supportive parents can not effect the outcome of their gymnast’s performance by swaying and dodging and clinching and yet, they sway.  I find myself giving in to stress in a similar way.  I allow my mood and my thoughts and fear to creep into every aspect of life when something is worrying me.  I can feel it in my shoulders.  What if I took a deep breath?  What if I paused and focused on the things I can do to move myself forward?  I’d like to manage high pressure situations more like an Olympian, confident, calm and in control!  I know when I’m acting like a crazy person because Mike will suggest that I let him adjust me.  (Subtle hint.) Here’s his reasoning…

(Dr. Mike) The most effective way to manage physical stress is to receive a chiropractic adjustment for your nervous system.  It increases the “rest and digest” side of your brain’s communication to your body and helps with your physical stress levels.  It acts like the brakes would on your car when you are speeding out of control, downhill, about to go over a cliff, on an icy road, with the police chasing you………..you get the picture.  If you combine chiropractic adjustments with proper breathing, a positive outlook, meditation, prayer and remembering what God promised for your future it will help you de-stress and live a better quality of life.

If your alignment on your car was out it would cause your braking system to wear out sooner.  If your alignment in your spine is out it will cause your brakes for your stress to wear out sooner too.

(Colleen)  You know, those Olympians don’t learn to manage stress in a day, they’ve honed that skill over time.  Be encouraged, today is a new day and you can manage the pressures of life in a new way!  Make a decision to be mindful of how you handle your stress.  Choose to overcome it instead of allowing it to overwhelm you!


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