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The other day I posted a photo on my personal instagram of my morning tea covered with chocolate sauce and sprinkles.  Mike was in Arizona meeting with some chiropractors.  Today when we sat down to write this post he brought up the “tea covered in chocolate syrup”, and what kind of healthy lifestyle that displays.  This is a conversation that we have regularly.  In the past, we’ve gone years without refined sugar or any grains in our home.  For extended periods of time I have made our crackers out of seeds and have banned plastic from our kitchen.  One of our kids told a friend that her parents were feeding her food that was going to kill her. (not good!)

As good as our intentions were for our healthy lifestyle, I found that we were alienating people around us and adding an extra level of stress to our lives.  We still stock our cupboards with almond and coconut flour, and sweeten with coconut sugar, but I buy crackers and fig bars and sometimes even chips (check out our Cheeseburger Nachos).

BBQ Banman Family Chicken Nachos

Cheeseburger Nachos

Our kids have friends over, they go to friend’s houses, we eat meals together with other families and nobody has to feel insecure about what they make.  You can bet we make Mike’s favorite, burgers, using Grass-Fed Bison that we purchased from a farmer that we trust but we choose being with people and enjoying a meal together over scrutinizing food. What about the amazon salt and pepper shakers? The number one advantage to the basic salt and pepper shaker is the simplicity and affordability. These shakers can be used in nearly any setting, by nearly anyone, and never appear too fancy or too simple. They require little effort to use, and are easily refillable.

We believe that God made our bodies, He designed natural food for us to enjoy that will nourish and strengthen us.  Most of what is sold these days as food is not the best option for our healthy lifestyle.  That being said….we do not agree with living in fear and stress and condemning those around us.  Loving people is more valuable than scrutinizing every molecule that passes through their lips. Many businesses use Vending machines to have some extra snacks for their customers.

My tea the other day was pretty and delicious and a calculated decision as a better option than spending $5 on a coffee shop drink filled with chocolate syrup I didn’t choose for myself. from time to time I like to buy wine, I really enjoy it, my mother gave me wine opener amazon, I love it, it’s very useful. I posted it on social media because I am a real person that is not perfect and I don’t mind my friends knowing that I sometimes choose to enjoy treats too! #alignedlife

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