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Our #alignedlife community is consistently growing and I get questions all the time about how or what do I do for this and that.  Things like: what to take for a headache, what to do when our kids get a fever, what to send for school lunches. I had the brilliant idea (ie. my wife told me to do it) to start addressing these questions and engaging others in the conversation.  We want to create a community where people who believe their health is a priority can share their stories and ideas.

Hi!  I’m Colleen, Dr. Mike’s wife of 17 years.  We are a team in this blogging endeavour because he likes facts and I like feelings, and neither one works best on it’s own!  From day to day we get calls and texts from family and friends and patients asking all kinds of things.  Often it’s the same questions, things that are obvious to us now after living a chiropractic lifestyle for so long or because we’ve been parenting now for 16 years.   I thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if some of these common questions could be answered and we could create more of a supportive community?  We have a list to get us started but we want to hear from you, can you please comment below with some of your questions?  Don’t be shy, blurt those questions out!  There are no dumb questions!

Bringing people together toward a common goal is something fun that happens on social media regularly, we want to get in on the action!  So let’s start using the hastag #alignedlife to share with each

other the little victories or challenges along the way.  When you make an amazing salad, instead of going through a drive-thru, post that photo or share the tweet and include the hashtag #alignedlife.  When you complete a hike instead of spending that hour watching TV, share with #alignedlife!  When you find an amazing product that you know like-minded people will be excited about, share with #alignedlife!  Obviously when you come in to get adjusted or lasered or for a community dinner or workshop, use that hashtag!  We want to repost what you guys are up to and we plan to have some fun contests and prizes as well so go ahead, jump into our #alignedlife community!

Take time to relax with your family at the beach. We live in such a beautiful place. #alignedlife

Take time to relax with your family at the beach. We live in such a beautiful place. #alignedlife


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