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I have six vertebrate that are fused together so the adjustments helps keep things limber.  I find I get really stiff when I don’t get adjusted.  I come two times a week now and if I miss a week or even a day then it’s pretty sore and I can really feel it the next week.

I find that my mobility, with sitting in the chair all the time, adjustments help a lot too; just even with rolling around and reaching side to side and picking Titus [my dog] up it helps a lot too.  Just being able to stay limber and help my bones move properly, the ones that move still.

Laser is huge.  Even just my shoulders and wrists there is a lot more wear and tear on them now that they are the every day get around.  My shoulders, arms and wrists are basically my legs now.  I transfer off my wrists and hands all the time; getting into the truck, shower, toilet, bed, couch, whatever, getting onto the floor.  It’s pretty crucial to me to get those lasered at least once a week.  I feel like it helps them heal and heal properly.  With all the wear and tear on them they get pretty worn out and achy and it feels like the laser just fixes that.  It’s like magic.

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