Carrot Ribbons

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Carrot Ribbons

Carrot Ribbons (Serves 1-2)

This has become a staple in my house!  I make this meal about once a week.  The ingredients below will serve one extremely hungry person, or two for a small meal.  You can also make this without the chicken for a nice side dish!  Get creative with the veggies you use as well.  I have made variations of this with added broccoli, diced apples and chic peas

2-3 large carrots
10 grape tomatoes
1 cooked chicken breast
2 table spoons coconut oil
pesto sauce
parmesan cheese (optional)

– Cook chicken separately from the carrots
– Peel skin off carrots.  Place a carrot on flat surface and drag peeler from the top of the carrot to the bottom.  Create a nice thick long peel the length of the whole carrot.  Continue steps again from the same starting point.  Eventually the carrot will develop a flat surface on top.  Continue making peels until 90% of the carrot is gone.  Do this with two to three large carrots, or as many carrots as desired
– Place carrot ribbons in skillet (or non stick pan) with a bit of water and steam for 2-3 minutes on a medium high heat
– When carrots become soft, but not fully cooked drain out the remaining water and fry in coconut oil for a two minutes.
– Slice grape tomatoes in half and add to the carrots.  Stir up
– Add peso and chicken to carrot ribbons and toss until carrots are cooked

Serve with parmesan sprinkled on top

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