Mason Jar Salads

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Mason Jar Salad

Mason Jar Salads

Mason jar salads are one of the most popular things on Pinterest!  Most things on Pinterest feel impossible to make and not realistic for normal life.  Mason jar salads, however, could not be more simple!  Make your weeks worth of lunches in 45 minutes (pick a Netflix show and you’ll be done by the time it’s over).

Mason jar salads are all about the stacking order.  Here is a quick rundown on how it stacks up:

Listed TOP of jar to BOTTOM (don’t be limited by what’s listed here):

Protein (boiled eggs, canned tuna, grilled chicken, goat cheese, cheese)
Beans (chic peas, black beans, kidney beans)
Soft or absorbent veggies/fruit (grape tomatoes, mushrooms, grapes, strawberries)
Hard veggies (celery, peppers, broccoli, shredded carrots)
Dressing (oil and vinegar work best: olive oil, grapeseed oil, avacado oil)


Place five clean WIDE MOUTH mason jars on counter

– Pour oil and vinegar or dressing of choice in bottom (about a 1/4 of an inch of dressing)
– Peel 3-4 large carrots and grate.  Evenly distribute among five jars
– Chop up desired veggies and evenly distribute among five jars
– Slice in half 6-7 grapes per jar
– Slice in half 6-7 grape tomatoes per jar
– Drain and rise one can of beans and evenly distribute among five jars
– Proteins choose: Three chicken breasts or six boiled eggs or two cans of tuna will work for five jars
– Two heads of romaine lettuce among all five jars.  Place head of romaine on cutting board.  Slice length wise a few times.  Chop from top to bottom

With the proper mason jar lids sealed on tight these salads will stay fresh up to 7 days (when using fresh ingredients)

TIP: Place half a teaspoon of spice mix (such as Italian Seasoning) on top of the oil and vinegar for added flavor

When ready to enjoy shake jar at a 45 degree angle (lid facing down) to mix  up the ingredients.  Packing the jar too tight will make this difficult.  Make sure you leave enough room for the ingredients to mix well.  You can enjoy this salad right out of the jar, or don’t shake it up and dump into a bowl.

With the diversity available here it’s possible to eat a salad every day for lunch and not get board!

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