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Foofood incd INC is shocking in its imagery and facts, dissecting open the huge industries that have taken over food production and distribution.

After watching this documentary you will probably find yourself avoiding all fast food chains, reading more labels and seeking out local farmers for your proteins.  Food INC has been around quite a few years now, but I would still recommend it as a starting point for those getting educated on the food industry.

Those who are already reading labels and avoiding processed food may find Food INC a little behind the times, but there are thousands out there who still have no idea that a single hamburger patty may contain meat from up to 200 cows, or that many of the big wigs in the food industry now have their hands in the government, directing food production and distribution from a much higher seat.

I like to watch this documentary every couple years to remind myself of the whys behind my food choices.

You can watch Food INC for FREE on Netflix (subscription to Netflix required)


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