What are We Watching?: The Man Who Ate Himself to Death

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80063654This documentary is only 50 minutes long, so there is not a lot of room for a lengthy story or positive ending.

Obesity is an epidemic in our time, but to hear of a man who has come to such a state is truly upsetting.  What is more upsetting than this is those in the documentary who are wanting to help Paul seem to believe his only salvation is gastric bypass surgery.  Unfortunately, Paul is so large that surgery is not yet possible for him; he must first lose weight to be eligible.

The Man Who Ate Himself to Death is a very sad tale, but worse is the lie that those who are overweight only have one option, surgery.  I believe Paul could have bettered his physique and quality of life simply through eating better.  The other struggle in Paul’s story was his mindset.  It seemed very clear from the beginning Paul was unwilling to overcome the mindset of not being able to lose weight or not being worth the work.

You can watch The Man Who Ate Himself to Death for FREE on Netflix (subscription to Netflix required)

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