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poster-sugarcoatedSugar Coated is an informative documentary about the sugar industry and it’s tobacco-like strategies to keep the public addicted to its product without the facts about its harmful effects on the human body.

There are so many documentaries out there about the food industry and what we should be eating or shouldn’t be eating.  It can be overwhelming knowing which one to watch and which one to pay attention to.  It has become evident that sugar is highly contributing to many health issues, but knowing the exact facts on why it kills can be blurred.  Sugar Coated does a great job in separating fact from fiction when it comes to sugar and how our body processes, or doesn’t process it.

Not only does this documentary deliver on its devastating facts, but it leaves you feeling encouraged knowing there are people who are tackling this conversation head on.

You can find Sugar Coated for FREE on Netflix (subscription to Netflix required)

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