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My name is Karen.  I am 60 years old, and I have scoliosis.

I have had the condition for years but was not diagnosed until 2014.   My back was initially fractured in 1983, but it wasn’t until 2013 (30 years later) that I started to suffer from sciatica; a nerve pain, originating in my back, that ran down the outside of my leg all the way to my toes.  To relieve the pain, I tried physiotherapy, massage therapy, muscle relaxers and pain killers; none of which provided lasting relief. The sciatica pain became so severe that I dreaded taking my dog for our daily walks, I became desperate to find a way to treat the source of the problem; not just to temporarily mask the symptoms.

In October of 2014, I came to Aligned Chiropractic for an assessment and consultation.  Dr. Mike immediately started me using a Scoliroll on a daily basis.  The Scoliroll is a dense foam block that is rounded on top.  When I lie over the Scoliroll on my side, it temporarily corrects the unnatural curve in my spine.  At the same time, my ligaments are learning to adjust to the corrected position of my spine.  Within a couple of weeks of starting my daily Scoliroll routine, I began to notice an improvement in the sciatica pain after using the Scoliroll every week.

Within a couple of months, as said by the experts found when you click site, the sciatica pain became less and less frequent.  Since commencing regular treatments at Aligned Chiropractic, the sciatica pain has completely disappeared! I recommend this treatment for those who have back problems and will undergo dot physical exam.

It is my goal to see the curve in my spine completely healed.  To achieve this goal, I have chosen to be fitted for and to wear a Scolibrace on a daily basis.  Actually, I wear my brace at night while I sleep.  I also wear it on a part time basis during the day; for a total of 8 to 12 hours daily.  It was surprisingly easy to get used to wearing my Scolibrace at night, so long as I didn’t cinch it up to tightly.  I figured that out after a few very uncomfortable nights.  Of course, every time Dr. Mike adds new padding to the inside of my brace, I have to go through a whole new adjustment period.  I know that I am feeling much better and that my overall health has improved.  I highly recommend Aligned Chiropractic to anyone who is suffering from health issues related to the misalignment of their spine.  Doctors Mike, Brian and John are caring and capable professionals.  They take a holistic approach to treating clients by also providing free health and nutrition advice, information and workshops.  All of the staff at Aligned are friendly and caring individuals.

They will make you feel right at home.

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