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Hard work
Health is a CHOICE.  And usually that choice is DIFFICULT.  Like most immaterial things in life that actually bring fulfillment and satisfaction (I’m not talking new Flatscreen TV’s and Ferrari’s) we literally have the power to choose the difficult, less traveled path to happiness when it comes to our health.  Already some of you may disagree so let me explain.  Our choices shape our life.  As a good friend once stated, “your choices create your challenges.”  Are there instances in life where we may face a set of circumstances where there is no explanation and that are not a result of choices we’ve made?  Absolutely!  But when it comes to health these instances are few and far between.
The only problem is that choosing to be healthy is HARD!  It’s not as easy as buying some Viagra, taking a trip out to the cottage with your spouse and having a healthy, happy weekend like the commercials would have you believe.  Even this weekend, as I was watching the movie Martian, I was amazed at how we are constantly fed lies about how fun and easy it is to take drugs that will make us feel so much better and make life all the more merry.  It’s eeaaaasssy and fun, just take a pill and you’ll be fine!  At least drug dealers tell us there’s dangers with their product!
But getting back to my point, health is HARD!  Unfortunately, most don’t take the time to PLAN to be healthy.  We spend most of our lives saving and building for retirement but we forget to save and build for our health during retirement!  If you have a nerve system, you have been given the tools necessary to live a life full of energy and free of pain.  Unfortunately the reality is most of us don’t put on our hard hats and use these tools on a daily basis.  It doesn’t take much, but it does take ACTION, CONSISTENCY, and PERSERVANCE because making time to improve nerve system function, get oxygen into our lungs, build strength in our hearts… on a a daily basis is not easy, its HARD.  But the rewards are well worth the investment – I guarantee it!Conqured hard work
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