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No need to worry if you missed last week’s intro, let me briefly catch you up.  What you are reading is the first part of a 5 part series on how to feel better and become healthier.  Whatever your health concern, whether it is neck pain or low back pain, arthritis, diabetes or even cancer, these foundational principles will move you towards health and away from sickness.

15 days after conception and before a mother knows life has begun in her womb, the brain and spinal cord form. Thus begins the mass coordination of life in a human body.  From that point forward, every organ, every tissue, and every cell in the body are controlled by the brain and spinal cord.  More powerful then the worlds smartest computer, the brain is so complex that there is still much of it that is a mystery.  However, one thing we know for certain is that our brains are the most critcal aspect of our health.  They control our immune systems, our cardiovascular systems, our digestive systems and our musckuloskeletal systems, to name a few.  This very important fact should give us motivation to keep brains and our minds healthy and functioning optimally.

So how do we keep the brain healthy?  It begins with a healthy mindset.  For many of us it begins with learning how to properly deal with stress.  I’m becoming increasingly convinced that our pursuit of many more conveniences in life has actually become quite inconvenient for our health.  The reality is many of us are living in chronic states of stress that are having a detrimental effect on our minds and the health of our brains.

Life PURPOSE is another key factor in maintaing our overall health.  Purpose gives us direction in challenging times.  It gives us motivation to focus on our health because if we end up failing in health we often are robbed of fullfilling the purpose we have chosen for our lives. There is now evidence in science that supports the correlation between life purpose and health. Essentially our health is a reflection of the daily decisions we’ve made over time; whether we choose to eat foods by man or foods made by God, or whether we choose to watch just one more episode of Grey’s Anatomy rather than doing 30 min of exercise. Purpose is what helps us make healthy decisions in our daily routines. It gives us that extra push. It gives us a reminder that we are living for something bigger then the tantalizing bowl of ice-cream sitting in front of us or the bag of Kettle Chips that always seem to be screaming my name at the grocery store.

Chiropractors Glen Huntly work to increase Nerve Supply within the body through removing unwanted tension on the brain and spinal cord, here’s one of the best local chiropractors in Medina, OH that you can consult.

Ultimately, investing in the health of our minds and finding purpose for our lives will have exponential gains greater than any other investment.  Healthy mindsets produce internal rewards and satisfaction that cannot be quantified.  Furthermore, a healthy mindset will literally produce financial gains as we age, as we avoid unnecessary healthcare costs that are one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in Canada.   The healthier our brains are, the more optimal the flow of information from our brains to the rest of our bodies will be.  This flow of information is known as our Nerve Supply and as previously mentioned, is essentially the powerful life force within us that controls everything.  As

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