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Infrared Laser

What Is Infrared Laser Relief?

From headaches to low back pain, from sprained ankles to fractures Class 4 Kelowna laser therapy can be used for treatment.

Aligned Chiropractic Class 4 Lightforce Kelowna Laser Therapy provides a fast, light treatment and can speed healing depending on what type of muscle pain, joint pain or injury you have suffered from. Unlike pain medication, laser is applied to the outside of the body and uses light energy to penetrate through the tissue and help restore the body’s ATP stores. Pain relievers can help in the short term, however are less successful in the long term. Class 4 Lightforce Kelowna Laser therapy is designed to work with the body’s natural restorative power to build strong muscles and ligaments that have been damaged.  If you suffer from torn ligaments or torn muscles from injuries that you have Class 4 Laser treatment can help you.

Class 4 Lightforce Infrared Kelowna laser therapy uses technology to treat muscle sports injuries, headaches, sinus problems, low back pain, neck pain and injuries from car accidents.  “In medicine, the use of light to treat various medical problems is not entirely new.” Light was used to treat diseases like smallpox in the 13thcentury.1 Many cultures have used light to treat conditions.  Albert Einstein paved the way for the development of LASER with his theory of stimulated emission.  This was expanded by scientists over the years and has brought us the lasers we know today.

How Does Kelowna Laser Therapy Work?

The laser light is absorbed by the tissue in the body and converted to usable energy to enable the body’s natural healing process. When the body accepts the light it can transform it into usable energy to help naturally relieve pain. Natural pain relief is an important process for people in chronic pain.

Patient’s in our office in Kelowna British Columbia  have been treated for problems like: neck pain, back pain, sinus problems, migraine headaches, tension headaches, whiplash, low back muscle pain, low back disc pain, herniated discs, sciatica, fractured (broken) bones, sprained ankles, post jaw surgery, post dental work, post knee surgery, hip pain, hip problems, knee problems, torn knee ligaments, torn meniscus, torn labrum, frozen shoulder, separated shoulder, wrist pain, hand pain.

There are many painful conditions that can be treated by Class 4 infrared laser.

1. Complementary therapies in Rehabilitation, evidence for efficacy in therapy, prevention and wellness. 3rd Edition, edited by Carol Davis.

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