Why Is Hormone Repair Important?

Your hormones are responsible for coordinating complex processes like growth, metabolism, fertility and can influence the function of the immune system and even alter behavior.  Do you suffer from immune deficient illnesses, thyroid problems, low or high blood pressure, losing weight and keeping it off?  We can help you!

At Aligned we are passionate about restoring your body to it’s natural state of health.  We offer a program that will reset your metabolism and bring balance to your hormones in as little as five weeks!

Our intensive doctor supervised program focuses on hormone repair from a metabolic level by engaging in a metabolic focused, anti-inflammatory diet.  During this program you will change your metabolism from a sugar eater to a fat burner!  You can expect to lose between 14-25 pounds while on this program and learn how to keep it off through simple life-style adjustment.  Surprisingly, exercise is not a component to this program.  Whether you are looking to lose weight and change your body from the outside, or change your health from the inside, we can help you reach your goals!

Your progress will be closely monitored by our friendly and well trained staff.  Having gone through the program ourselves, we will be right there beside you encouraging you, offering advice when needed and celebrating with you as you restore health to your body!

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