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At Aligned Chiropractic & Family Health Center we understand health is our most valuable possession. Our goal is to partner with you to help you achieve optimal health now and in to the future. We know healthcare doesn’t end when you leave our office, so we do our best to support healthy lifestyle by providing nutritional workshops, workout classes and events for our community and their families.

It is our experience that pain is often an indicator of greater health concern, that is why we look to correct the source of most musculoskeletal pain through state-of-the-art spinal correction and rehabilitative techniques, namely Chiropractic Biophysics. Headaches, neck pain and back pain are often relieved by restoring the spine’s normal curvature and alignment, allowing for greater function and healing capacity of the body by removing damaging tension on nerves.

Each individual at Aligned Chiropractic is treated as such, an individual! Therefore, we provide tailored care and rehabilitation specific to your current health status and future health goals. Whether you are dealing with scoliosis, back pain or would just like to improve in health and longevity, our doctors and staff are hear to serve you!

Dr. Michael Banman

dr-michael-banman-aligned-chiropractic-bwDr. Mike is the founder of Aligned Chiropractic. He relocated from California to Kelowna with his wife and six children in 2004. Dr.

Mike graduated with honours from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California where he studied numerous techniques to better serve the people he works with. He has continued to work with Pettibon, CLEAR institute and is certified with Chiropractic BioPhysics in spinal correction.

Since 2010 he has worked extensively with USA wrestling and traveled to the 2012 Olympic Games to serve the athletes there. He adjusted at the 2011 World Crossfit Games and has been to numerous events overseas to adjust and provide nutritional support to members of USA Wrestling.

Dr. Mike’s passion is to see people transform their lives by discovering the truth about the awesome power that makes their bodies work. He has spoken in North and South America and Europe, working with people to create plans to regain or improve their health.

In his spare time he enjoys coaching hockey, watching soccer and dance, playing games with his kids and cooking for his family.

Dr. Brian Banman

brian-bio-photoDr. Brian’s first experience with Chiropractic care was while he was still playing basketball at the collegiate level. Having suffered through some major back and knee injuries, in which surgery was recommended and his future basketball career questioned, he chose to pursue the help and advice of his older brother Mike who had recently become a Chiropractor himself. Gaining more of an understanding on how the body was created to heal itself, Dr. Brian chose to avoid surgery and let his body do the work. The result was Dr. Brian was able to go beyond the expectations of a limited college career and continue playing basketball professionally.

After attending Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Brian was offered the rare opportunity to further his training with Dr. Deed Harrison and his team at IdealSpine Health Center, North America’s premier spinal corrective center.  His experience there would be invaluable as he learned how to care for complex spinal conditions, such as scoliosis, using Chiropractic Biophysics and the latest evidence-based rehabilitation techniques.

Due to their desire to live life surrounded by family, Dr. Brian and his wife Meghan decided to move back to Kelowna and serve the Okanagan Valley by partnering with Dr. Mike, the man who inspired him to become a chiropractor.  Motivated by his passion to share the powerful principles of health and healing, Dr. Brian is excited to see his community transformed as we begin to see more healing occur from the inside – out.

During down time, he enjoys coaching kids basketball, participating in almost any sport, and spending time with family and friends.


The Team

Our teamIMG_7585 of office staff are here to answer your questions, book your appointments and make sure your time in our office is comfortable and enjoyable! Your journey to health is our passion.

Shonah (Left) joined Aligned Chiropractic in November of 2015.  “Since joining the chiropractic lifestyle my views on health, healing and nutrition have completely changed!”  Shonah will most commonly be the person you schedule your appointments with and your main voice on the phone.  “I love hearing peoples stories.  Knowing that our patients are changing their lives through care fuels me in the office and pushes me to do better when it comes to my own health.”  Shonah captures the stories of our patients through the Spines of Aligned blog posts.

Rebecca (Middle) has recently completed a program in nutrition and is passionate about our patients learning what they can do through food to better their healing and lifestyle. “Your optimum health is yours to create.  I create my optimum health through my passion for health and nutrition.”  Rebecca is our Chiropractic Assistant and oversees our patients care additional to the adjustment.  “I love watching our patients lives improve through their own personal commitment to health and becoming an advocate for their health.”

Tammy (Right) has been with Aligned Chiropractic since August of 2014.  Sister to Dr. Mike and Dr. Brian Tammy truly makes Aligned Chiropractic a family practice! “The family aspect of the practice is an amazing thing to be a part of.  We feel so honored to offer health care to our community in Kelowna and the surrounding area”.  Tammy has a large family and a farm life outside of the office and is passionate about bringing up her kids with the chiropractic lifestyle.  “Chiropractic is a life changing gift that every person needs to experience.  It has increased my mobility and made me healthier.”  Tammy oversees patients care plans and keeps people on track with their journey to health!

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