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"If you enable the body to heal itself, it will. I believe chiropractic enables the body to heal."
"Since commencing regular treatments at Aligned Chiropractic my sciatica pain has completely disappeared!"
"This is just everything that you could ask for in a place to heal; it's humor and sincerity and patience. "
"You have to go for sure and do the scan so you can see if there is something you have to fix now. Even if it's not for now, but later. You want to do this for your future."
"I find I get really stiff when I don't get adjusted. I come two times a week now and if I miss a week, or even a day, then I'm pretty sore and I can really feel it the next week."
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What Our Kelowna Chiropractors Offer

Aligned Chiropractic’s Kelowna chiropractors offers a variety of services to ensure all patients needs are met. Our Kelowna chiropractors offer relief care, corrective care, wellness care, scoliosis treatment, infrared laser treatment, nutrition and hormone repair. To learn more about each of our services check out their individual pages for more information. We pride ourselves on having highly trained, friendly staff to ensure a welcoming and comfortable environment, as we care about our patients and strive to provide them with the best, highest quality chiropractic services in Kelowna.

Corrective Care and Alignment

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We use highly advanced, scientifically researched technique called Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP).  CBP produces reliable results helping restore proper posture, alignment and function. Proper alignment in the spine allows the body to heal optimally, reducing pain and other conditions that people have.

Scoliosis Bracing and Treatment

scoliosis aligned chiropractic

Scoliosis is a progressive abnormal sideways curvature of the spine seen in both children and adults. Learn more today. Our Kelowna chiropractors offer scoliosis bracing to patients. Scoliosis is a progressive abnormal sideways curvature of the spine seen in both children and adults.

Class 4 Laser Therapy

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Class 4 laser therapy from our Kelowna chiropractors provides fast, light treatment that can speed healing of muscle pain, joint pain or injuries you have suffered from. It uses light energy to penetrate through the tissue to help restore the body’s ATP stores, as pain relievers can only help in the short term.

Hormone Repair & Weight Loss

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Your hormones are responsible for coordinating complex processes like growth, metabolism, fertility and can influence the function of the immune system and even alter behaviour. Do you suffer from immune deficient illnesses, thyroid problems, low or high blood pressure, losing weight and keeping it off? We can help you!

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Top CrossFit Athlete Brent Fikowski Gets Adjusted At Aligned Chiropractic Kelowna

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